Ski hire shops in France

The French ski resorts have a very high concentration of ski equipment hire shops. There are more than 3,000 sports shops at the resorts.

When arriving at the resort, you will have a choice between independent shops and shops belonging to specialist brands: Sport 2000, Intersport, Twinner, Skiset, Skimium or even Ski Republic. Sport 2000 and Intersport are the oldest sport brands at the ski resorts.

Each ski or snowboard hire shop has its own stock of equipment for hire. Ski Discount has selected over 150 shops for you at the foot of the slopes in France, offering the best service and the best ski, snowboard and mini-ski equipment for adults and children to enable you to have a fantastic skiing holiday.

Ski Discount offers up to 60% discount on a wide choice of ski and snowboard equipment.

4 (1 shop)
A (37 shops)
B (17 shops)
C (15 shops)
D (3 shops)
E (8 shops)
F (7 shops)
G (14 shops)
H (1 shop)
I (3 shops)
J (19 shops)
K (3 shops)
L (42 shops)
M (11 shops)
N (7 shops)
O (4 shops)
P (34 shops)
R (12 shops)
S (70 shops)
T (9 shops)
V (6 shops)
W (4 shops)
Z (1 shop)
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