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Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Equipment rentals on this website or with our telephone sales persons entails the full acceptance of these General Conditions and any amendments that may be made. www.SkiDiscount.co.uk may contain inaccuracies or other errors in connection with information displayed on the website, including without limitation, rates, fees, or availability applicable to your order. www.SkiDiscount.co.uk assumes no responsibility or liability for such errors, inaccuracies, or omissions

Our prices are indicative. Ski equipment is reserved to the customer upon receipt of a confirmation e-mail containing the dates and prices of equipment. The price that is set at the time of booking is fixed and cannot be changed after booking is complete; it is independent of price variation following completion of booking.

 1 - PRICE

The price of different equipment available on the website www.SkiDiscount.co.uk are confirmed at checkout. The prices are stated in Euros. They were determined based on the economic conditions in force at the date of establishment of prices.

The rental price is determined by the range of equipment chosen by the client, the selected store, for the given period and the date of booking. No claim can only occur due to a difference between the rates published on the website and those determined and / or adjusted by the customer previously.


Our prices are indicative, subject to error or omission. Any reservation is effective upon receipt by our secure payment system of the total booking price. Prior to the payment, you agree to the terms, conditions and prices of equipment reserved.

No reservation can be confirmed without receipt of full payment.


www.SkiDiscount.co.uk has a service agreement with an e-commerce partner which ensures best online business practices.

Our service handles trade, security and ensures data protection (deciphering keys) and management. Only bank cards issued within the framework of international networks approved by GIE Cartes Bancaires are accepted.

Conversion into foreign currency is given as an indication and is non-contractual. Only the prices stated in Euros confirmed on reservation is guaranteed.

Financial costs (bank charges related to the exchange rate, banking commission for payment transactions made outside the territory of issue of the card, bank costs, ...) possibly related to credit card payments remain the responsibility of the customer to pay. These costs correspond to the costs charged exclusively by the bank due to the use of the customer’s credit or debit card.

In case of refusal from the central bank card network, our company reserves the right to cancel the booking.

During the transaction, the customer is automatically connected to the server of the processing centre. The banking data, protected by encryption, is not sent www.SkiDiscount.co.uk’s rental systems and therefore not kept or stored in any way.


www.SkiDiscount.co.uk entered into a service agreement with PayPal. This agreement aims to ensure all necessary features to manage secure Internet payments. PayPal handles trade security and ensure the protection of sensitive information (deciphering keys) and management.

The customer will be responsible for paying any financial costs (bank charges related to the exchange rate, banking commission, ...) possibly related to payments via PayPal.

The reservation will be complete and will become effective only after the receipt of the total rental amount and voucher (which the customer must print and present to the selected store) is generated.

3 – USE

The customer must be physically able to use the equipment before purchase. By express agreement between the parties, the loan or sublease of the rented equipment is strictly prohibited.

The customer agree to use the rented equipment in a reasonable manner and with due consideration to mitigate risk to third parties in accordance with any applicable regulations.

The customer must ensure the equipment is stored, used and handled in a manner in which it will be kept in a reasonable condition.


The customer agrees to pay for repairs or replacement of rented equipment regardless of the cause for the repairs, except those due to normal wear and tear. Repairs must be made only by the renter.


www.SkiDiscount.co.uk aims to provide a smooth ski equipment hire service, however www.SkiDiscount.co.uk cannot be held responsible to the customer if it fails to carry out its obligations as a result of force majeure. Cases of force majeure or acts of God are those events usually recognized as such by the jurisprudence of French Courts and Tribunals.

In lieu of circumstances beyond the control of www.SkiDiscount.co.uk, we will aim to find a solution to any problem surrounding the access to your ski equipment.

www.SkiDiscount.co.uk should not be confused with its suppliers and partners as they have their own terms and conditions and responsibilities to their activity under statutes that govern them, national legislation or international conventions. www.SkiDiscount.co.uk will therefore not be held responsible for failures of its suppliers which would cancel or modify a reservation for technical reasons.


A: Right of withdrawal

www.SkiDiscount.co.uk wishes to recall that under Article L. 121-20-4 - 2 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to accommodation services, transport, catering and entertainment provided on a date or at specified intervals. Therefore all orders placed on the site or by any other means have no rights of withdrawal.

B: Cancellation or modification by the customer

If a customer wishes to cancel his/her booking, www.SkiDiscount.co.uk must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the date of receipt of the letter determining the cancellation date. The customer may receive a monetary refund following a cancellation depending on the following conditions:

  • Cancellation of one or more items more than 30 days before the start of hire of equipment: a cancellation fee of 50% of the amount paid on booking will be retained,
  • Cancellation of one or more items between 29 days and 15 days before the start of hire of equipment: 75% of the amount paid on booking will be retained,
  • Cancellation of one or more items less than 15 days before the start of hire: the total booking amount will be retained.

In any case, any corresponding amounts will not be transferred to another booking.

In case of modification to booking of reserved equipment, an administration fee of 15 Euros per modified item will be applied

If an item is removed from the store, the order will be considered as fulfilled and no partial refunds will be made if equipment is returned at a date prior to the agreed final date of hire. If the customer does not appear at the place of rental on the date of the first day of the reservation, 100% of the total booking amount will be retained by www.SkiDiscount.co.uk and will not be refunded.


When the customer goes to pick up your equipment from the store, a deposit may be required from the customer by the lessor to cover the loss, breakage or theft of rented equipment. This deposit will be returned to the customer when the return of the hired equipment at end of stay. The amount of this deposit is fixed by the renter and not www.location-ski-moins-cher.com.

As a result, the customer is informed that this amount may, depending on the condition of the equipment when returned, and if any damage is identified, be partially or fully retained by the lessor, must give back the equipment on the last day of skiing and when the shop is open – the guy then will check the state of the skis. However, if the amount of the deposit should be insufficient to cover the cost of repair, the renter may ask for an additional amount to cover the full cost.


    1. Insurance breakage / theft / cancellation (see insurance tab for a complete description)

The customer may choose to purchase additional insurance to insure the rented equipment against damage (total or partial damage to the ski equipment), theft (total or partial) or the cancellation of the reservation under certain conditions. The cost of this guarantee is determined by the category of equipment booked by the customer and the rental period chosen.

Policies will not protect items that have been lost or damaged due to carelessness, negligence, accidental loss of items or damage caused by the customer failing to take reasonable care of equipment.

    2. Customer's obligations in case of theft or damage:

If ski equipment is stolen, the customer will forward to the store, where the equipment was rented, the receipt of the theft report to a competent authority (Police, Gendarmerie, etc).

In case of damage to the ski equipment, the customer will bring the damaged equipment to the store that it was rented from.


The booking confirmation email is not a voucher. The customer will receive by e-mail, following his booking online or by phone, a confirmation or "voucher" summarizing all the services purchased. The customer must keep this document and present it to the ski shop to obtain the rented equipment.

The voucher is also accessible via the client area after the customer has entered their login and password.


Any claims must be sent by registered mail with return receipt to www.SkiDiscount.co.uk and received within a maximum period of 15 days after the end date of the rental.

No claim can be made regarding the price of the equipment. As per section 2, the prices are fixed by Price Ski Rental are deemed to be accepted by the customer during purchase.


www.SkiDiscount.co.uk is committed to give you the most up to date information on its products. Thus, the descriptions mentioned on the site may change during the season.

www.SkiDiscount.co.uk will take reasonable steps to inform clients of changes to information surrounding their booking. However, it is the client’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure that they are aware of pertinent information surrounding their booking.


Wishing to respect the privacy of its clients and the protection of information that is provided, www.SkiDiscount.co.uk respects existing legislation on protection of privacy, www.SkiDiscount.co.uk is therefore declared to CNIL under the number 1429694.

Amongst the information that www.SkiDiscount.co.uk asks clients; some information is required to process orders, others are optional and collected in order to better satisfy our customers and continually improve our service.

Data is collected when the customer places their order. They may to be sent to www.SkiDiscount.co.uk’s providers or trading partners for the purpose of processing orders. www.SkiDiscount.co.uk does not sell any customer data to third parties or affiliated organisations.

In accordance with L'article 34 de la loi 78.17 du 6 Janvier 1978, dite Loi Informatique et Liberté, the customer has a right to access, modify, correct and delete their personal data. He can exercise this right by sending a letter to:

Mountain & Outdoor Company 92-98 Boulevard Victor Hugo 92110 CLICHY, PARIS

Or by sending an e-mail through the contact form available on the site.


Reservations on the site www.SkiDiscount.co.uk are not subject to any fees.


In case of conflict, only the competent courts in the area of the headquarters of www.SkiDiscount.co.uk will be used.

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