Ski hire - The Massif Central

The Massif Central is located in the heart of France and represents nearly 15% of its surface. The Massif Central therefore offers many different landscapes with its mounts, mountains, plateaus and volcanoes. This mountain range with medium-sized mountains with rounded summits peaks at 1,885 at the summit of the Puy de Sancy. The Massif Central is known for its many volcanoes which have long been inactive.
The Massif Central suffers from a lack of notoriety but also of infrastructure compared to the Alps for alpine skiing and the Jura for cross-country skiing. However, there are beautiful alpine ski areas offering gentle slopes for beginners and beautiful playgrounds for expert skiers. The ski resorts of the Massif Central are considered to be more family-oriented and quieter than the ski resorts of the Alps. The biggest resorts are Super Besse and Le Mont-Dore. Those who enjoy cross-country skiing will also be happy even if the Massif Central offers a lot less kilometres of marked trails.
The Massif Central is also known for its spa waters in Vichy and La Bourboule.

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