Ski hire - The Vosges

Located in the north-east of France and on the border with Germany, the Vosges is a mountain range with medium-sized mountains, of which the highest summit - the Grand Ballon, peaks at an altitude of 1,424 m.
The Vosges Mountains were the birthplace of skiing in France. The first alpine skiing club was created in 1896 and the first ski school was founded in 1925 at Lac Blanc. The lack of snow has, however, slowed the expansion and development of the ski resorts compared to the Alps, the Pyrenees or the Jura mountains. The Vosges resorts have a small stock of snow canons and are therefore very dependent on weather conditions.
The southern Vosges offers beautiful ski resorts where its highest peaks are: Gerardmer and La Bresse. These resorts offer a multitude of outdoor activities in winter: alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and dog-sledding. The ski resorts in the Vosges are suitable for family holidays allowing everyone to pursue their activity of choice in an exceptional natural setting among lakes and fir tree forests.

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